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As I am in the field often, it is sometimes difficult to answer emails quickly. I apologise for that, but please be patient, I will get back to you. Email ( is best and if urgent, please note that in the header.  

I have a variety of images available for use in publications or on-line. Prices normally range between Aus $250 to Aus $2,000/single use (excluding tax) and this depends upon factors like which image, how long, what it will be used for and who.

I’m normally comfortable to discount my fee for non-government not-for-profit organisations, however when considering any discounts, I apply the ethical principles of fairness. That is, if people working at the not-for-profit are on a salary, or anyone in the organisation wanting my work is on a salary, or other suppliers get paid (e.g. printing), then I feel it is simply  fair that I should also be equally paid for my work. 

Many of my images are licensed through National Geographic Image Collection and the Nature Picture Library  but if you drop me a note with what type of images you may be after, I can look after you either directly, or direct you to the appropriate people.

My agent Nature Picture Library have many of images and stories available for syndication. Indeed they have many other wonderful photographers work available. Mine include:

General prints
Some of my work is available for purchase, with prices ranging from around Aus $250 to $1,000 (exc. tax and postage and handling), depending upon print size and postage. Maximum print size does vary due to factors such as the camera used at the time, the lighting conditions and whether the final image was cropped. As such, to discuss any potential print purchase, please drop me a note with the image name and the longest edge length you are considering.

Endangered and rare (limited edition) large fundraising prints
As the moments I capture are often fleeting and never seen again, and as some species sadly start disappearing, I have selected several images to be limited edition, larger size prints (approx 1m-1.5m long edge including border) for around $1500 (exc. tax and postage and handling. 50% of profits for the sale of these images will then be donated to environmental not-for-profits* to help ensure future generations may also have the chance to see what I have seen. Please drop me an email to to get access to the link to see these prints and specific pricing details.

I am available for select assignment work (conservation, wildlife and animal welfare) and also for public speaking on ‘Conservation photography’ and ‘The power imagery in driving change’.

To discuss opportunities, please drop me an email on

*E.G. Environment Victoria and the Australian Conservation Foundation.


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