Current projects

Long term projects
My current long term projects include (but are not limited to):

1: Conservation stories closer to home (2017- ongoing)
You don’t have to travel the world to try and make a difference. This series focus on conservation and animal welfare issues closer to home: Melbourne primarily, but also Victoria and more broadly Australia.

2:Illegal reptile wildlife trade out of Australia (2019- 2020).
This project focuses on the cruel and greedy ‘business’ of illegal wildlife trade out of Australia.

3: Wildlife warriors, conservation champions and animal advocates (2017- ongoing)
This series of portraits shows people who care deeply about the the welfare of animals, the natural world around them and the impact humans are having. They range from those who have chosen it as profession, to those who volunteer and do what they can, when they can, in a variety of ways. You’ll see wildlife rescuers, environmental and animal welfare advocates, wildlife officers, scientists, rangers, protesters, and even a photographer.  A diversity of people from a range of backgrounds doing a variety of things, but all connected by an unwavering passion to make the world a better place. They often work tirelessly behind the scenes and a single image will never fully capture what they do or how deeply they care, but I hope this gallery puts them in the spot light, if only just for a moment – they at last deserve that. The plan is a coffee table book at some stage. You can see some images here. If you know of someone or some organisation who deserves to be recognised and this may be worthwhile, please drop me a note to

4: The impact of bushfire on Australian wildlife and those who deal with the aftermath (2020 – 2021)We always hear about the number of hectares burnt in forests fires, or maybe that a few houses were lost, and sometime tragically, the about the human impact. But what about the thousands to hundreds of thousands of animals that are burnt to death during bushfires? What about those who are seriously burnt and then go onto die slow horrible deaths? This series will try and bring awareness to this important part of the bushfire story, as well a focus on those who try and do what they can for the animals burnt.

Current articles in preparation include:

  1. ‘A light touch’ aka ‘Blinded by the light’
    An exploration around the ethics of using flash in wildlife photography.
  2. ‘Preaching to the disinterested’ (working title).
    Some thoughts about ways of getting important conservation messages to those who might not be deeply interested.

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