Jackson Hole, Wyoming – September 27 – October 2nd, 2020

In 2020 I will be attending The Nature and Wildlife Workshop in 2020 (also called Photography at the Summit). It brings together a faculty of top international photographers and editors — many from National Geographic — and combines it with the beautiful setting of the Grand Tetons. Our faculty offers a wide-variety of photography knowledge, so a student may go shoot in the morning with an expert nature photographer, review their work in the afternoon with a professional editor, then go over their editing process with a tech expert.  

This workshop provides participants the opportunity to learn from, photograph alongside, and network with the very individuals who are uniquely positioned to help them with their career development. While many nature workshops provide you with an opportunity to shoot outstanding nature photos, we take it one step further by truly offering you a chance to both expand your portfolio and to expand your network. Included in the instructional sessions will be lectures on conservation photography, freelance photography, and marketing and software/technology.

For further details, please click HERE.

From time to time I privately run a variety of small workshops/classes. 

With my photography credentials and awards, formal teaching qualifications (Diploma of Education), and being a seasonal lecturer at both The University of Melbourne and RMIT, I believe I am well equipped to professionally cater to all levels.

Upon request, I can also run these for small groups or individuals:

> 1 – The Basics
2 – Using Light and Composition
> 3 – Getting Great Travel Images

> Wildlife and Nature Photography Masterclass
> Getting Great Pictures In Extreme Outdoor Environments
> Photo-documenatry – creating a photo essay
> Judging wildlife photography

Melbourne Zoo workshops
> Melbourne Zoo Walking Workshop

Just for interest
> Why Images Are More Powerful Than Words

Corporate communication
For any groups engaged in communication, I run interactive workshops on ‘Imagery, emotions, story telling and influence‘. The length can vary from a few hours to 2 days, depending upon your needs.

One-one-one coaching
I am also happy to provide one-on-one coaching with a focus on conservation and wildlife related photography as well as photo-documentary. Rates are Aus$125/hour (ex GST) excluding travel time @$60/hour, with a minimum of 2 hours.

Free tutorials/thoughts 

1: Behind the lens
Please click on the link here here if you’d like to see my approach (some technique and thinking) in getting an image of the magnificent Boyds Forest Dragon (Hypsilurus boydii).

2: How it was taken
Please click on the link at the end of this if you’d like to see the background to taking, and the post-processing involved, to get my awarded image of a southern royal albatross titled A Royal in Waiting.

3: What’s possibly the most important question to ask yourself before taking a photo?
Please click here for some of my thoughts on the what I feel is the most important question you can ask yourself before taking a photo, and why.

4: When words let us down – The importance of framing
Please click on the following link to find out why I hate the term ‘habitat loss’ and why we should use ‘habitat destruction’ instead.