ABC Radio National
“Wildlife Warriors”: The stories behind the photos

ABC TV Catalyst
AI vs Human: The Creativity Experiment

Or for a laugh, the Gogglebox review on FB of my segment on the above Catalyst AI feature:)

Matthew Moran Podcast
Talking with Doug Gimesy (Apple, web)

Digital Camera World
Meet Batman: filmmaker Doug Gimesy on misunderstood bats

ABC radio national – RN Breakfast
Capturing the breathtaking Lake Eyre

Capture Magazine
Shooting for good – How images spark change

Nature Picture Library
Ranger Rick Photographer of the Year 2021


Channel 4 TV UK
How wildlife photographers depict the impact of climate change on our natural world

ABC radio national – The drawing room
Conserving the world in an image (March, 2020)

Network Ten (TV)-  ‘The Project’
Saving the platypus

3CR radio

Rex airlines – True Blue magazine
Behind the lens (p28)


Sierra – The national magazine of the Sierra Club
Doug Gimesy Points His Camera Where Others Don’t Want to Look

Art the neighbour
Doug Gimesy puts faces to the animal victims of human activity, and his photos might just change minds


ABC radio national
Sunday Afternoons with Lyndal Curtis (September 2019)

Projects for Wildlife Podcast
Guest interview with Doug Gimesy

National Geographic YourShot
Introducing YourShot Alum Doug Gimesy and Guest editor: A Visual Diary August 2019

Jackson Hole News and Guide
Photography league to get wild about conservation

One Ocean Expeditions
Q&A with Wildlife and Conservation Photographer Doug Gimesy


The Age
The bat people


3CR radio

Josh Griffiths and Doug Gimesy – platypus protectors

Australian Geographic
Photographer raising awareness of road trauma on Kangaroo Island 

Natural History Museum (London)
Fast roads, slow deaths: a guest blog from Doug Gimesy

Wildlife in focus

3CR radio

The Sydney Morning Herald
Wildlife carnage prompts push for dusk to dawn speed limits

Australian Geographic
Photography of injured wildlife aims to upset

Wild Magazine
From dusk till dawn: Calling for Kangaroo Island speed limits

The Islander
Petition for dusk to dawn speed limits

Huffington Post
This simple road rule could help save our native wildlife

Cover photo and interview (Sept-Nov, 2015)

News 24
A man’s quest to capture the world’s 17 penguin species on film